Our mission is to create a community where passion and drive is the foundation.

Our challenge is to bring fire and creativity to our classes but also to ignite the passion of fitness in our members, community and one another.

We promise to provide a challenging, innovative and functional fitness experience for those wanting positive change and a healthy lifestyle.

We commit to continuously improving our classes and let the fervent creativity of our trainers shine. This is Elite Personal Training and Group Fitness like no other.


Owner: Jeanette

Jeanette is the owner and operator of MarVill Fitness and Athletics. Her story is one of strength, passion and courage. Jeanette runs her buisness in her mother's honour and same values. From working on the construction of the gym with her father, to working the front desk and washing the floors, Jeanette is one badass hardworking, humble and determined boss lady. Jeanette has goals of her own and ensures that all levels of fitness are welcome at our studio. Whether you’re an athlete, beginner or new mama, we have classes to accommodate all!!



228 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1P5



  • Kickboxing Drills and Skills

  • Sculpt and Core FIIT

  • Body FIIT

  • You vs YOU

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Kickboxing - TABATA

  • Boxing - All Levels

  • Kickboxing - All Levels

  • Cardio & Legs Circuit FIIT

  • Boxing FIIT Camp

  • TRX Suspension Training

  • TRX vs. Kettlebell

  • Kettlebell vs. Battleropes

  • Stretching and Flexibility

  • Muay Thai - All Levels

  • Pad Holding Technique and Power

  • And more!

    *Up to 16 classes / day*